Netherlands: Regulatory Authorities

Raad voor de Journalistiek (Press Council of the Netherlands)

According to article 3 of the Statutes of the Foundation, the Press Council is charged with the examination of complaints against violations of good journalistic practice. But not every complaint leads to such an examination. Only they, who are to be considered as directly involved in a case of journalistic (mal)practice, can complain.

At present the Netherlands Press Council is established and will be maintained by a foundation named Stichting Raad voor de Journalistiek. In the Foundation all important media organisations participate: the Netherlands Union of Journalists (Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten); the Netherlands Society of Chief-Editors (Nederlands Genootschap van Hoofdredacteuren); several co-ordinating organisations of printed press; and (co-ordinating) organisations of public and commercial broadcasting.

Since the change from a disciplinary council to a council of opinion the Press Council no longer can impose a sentence on the journalist. Neither can the Press Council assure the complainant financial compensation. The Press Council gives its opinion on a complaint and publishes its decision on its website and in the professional magazine for journalists. Also it circulates its decisions on a wide scale by sending it to the national news agency and to several other media.

As a satisfaction to the complainant and as a contribute to the debate on journalistic ethics, it is of great importance that media publish the opinions of the Press Council, especially those on valid or partially valid complaints. The number of media, which actually publish in valid and partially valid cases, is now around two-third, and still growing.

Raad voor de Journalistiek
t.a.v. de secretaris, Postbus 12040, 1100 AA Amsterdam-Zuidoost
Tel: 020 31 23 930
Fax: 020 31 23 934
E-mail: raad@rvdj.nl
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rvdj_nl

Commissariaat voor de Media (Dutch Media Authority)

The Dutch Media Authority, called Commissariaat voor de Media (CvdM), upholds the rules which are formulated in the Dutch Media Act as well as in the regulations based on this act, for example the Media Decree. The CvdM is an independent administrative body situated in Hilversum. It was founded on January 1st 1988, coinciding with the date of commencement of the Dutch Media Act. Since 2005 the CvdM also monitors compliance with the Fixed Book Price Act.

Commissariaat voor de Media
Hoge Naarderweg 78, 1217 AH Hilversum,
Postbus 1426, 1200 BK Hilversum
Tel: 035 773 77 00
Fax: 035 773 77 99
Email: cvdm@cvdm.nl

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