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Press Council Luxembourg

The Press Council was created by the law of 20 December 1979 on the recognition and protection of the professional journalist and is governed by the Law of 4 June 2008 on the freedom of expression in the media. By an amending Act of 11 April 2010 the Press Council was given legal personality. It is composed of equal numbers of representatives of publishers and journalists. The members of the Press Council are appointed by the Grand-Ducal and is chaired alternately – for a period of two years – by a publishers’ representative and a representative of journalists.

First, the Press Council is responsible for granting and removing the press cards of professional journalists. Operating according to the self-regulation system, the Press Council is also responsible for:

- Developing a code of conduct aimed at defining the rights and duties of journalists and publishers and to ensure its publication;

- Establish a Claims Commission to receive and deal with complaints from individuals concerning information contained in a publication distributed through a media without prejudice to the powers reserved to the National Commission for Data Protection established by the legislation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data;

- Examine all matters relating to freedom of expression in the media referred to it by the Government or that it deems necessary to examine of its own volition.

Similarly, it may issue recommendations and guidelines for the work of journalists and publishers and organize vocational training courses for journalists and publishers.

Conseil de Presse
Maison de la Presse
24, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes
Tél: (352) 22 23 11
Fax: (352) 22 23 40
Email: secretariat@press.lu


The Conseil National des Programmes (CNP)

The CNP (Conseil National des Programmes) is the independent national regulator for the Luxembourg audiovisual media. Its main mission is to closely monitor the programmes in the audiovisual media. The CNP also has the duty to ensure the protection of minors and of minorities in the media and to apply an adequate protection for audiences against offensive or harmful material and against unfairness or the infringement of privacy. The CNP is willing to intervene effectively where required. Viewers may complain to the CNP when they feel offended by the content of a television or radio programme.

Conseil National des Programmes
2, Circuit de la Foire, L- 1347 Luxembourg
Tel. : +352 247-82066 / 82053
Fax : +352 247-82073

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