Denmark: Regulatory Authorities

Pressenævnet (The Press Council of Denmark)

The Press Council is established pursuant to the Danish Media Liability Act. The Press Council is an independent, public tribunal which deals with complaints about the mass media.

Who can lodge a complaint to the Council?
People, companies, associations etc. who think they have been denounced by the media and if they have got a cause of action.

Which kind of media can you lodge a complaint against?
Newspapers, daily papers, weekly magazines, local papers, professional papers and other national, periodical publications which are published at least twice a year.

Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), TV2, TV2’s regional enterprises, and undertakings authorized in Denmark to broadcast radio or television programmes.

Some electronic informationsystems, especially news agencies, telephone papers and talking papers which are registered with the Press Council.

In what kind of cases can you lodge a complaint?
The Press Council can rule in cases relating to whether the publication made is contrary to sound press ethics and whether a mass media shall be under an obligation to publish a reply.

What can the Press Council do about a complaint?
The Press Council cannot impose a sentence on the mass media or assure the complainant financial compensation.

In cases concerning sound press ethics the Press Council can express its criticism. In cases about reply the Council may direct the editor of the mass media in question to publish a reply.

In both types of cases the Council may direct the editor to publish the decision of the Council to an extent specified by the Council.

Adelgade 11-13, 4., 1304 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Tel: (45) 33 15 55 64
Fax: (45) 33 15 84 64
E-mail: sekr@pressenaevnet.dk


The Radio and Television Board

The Radio and Television Board, the RTB, is the independent regulatory authority in charge of supervising the implementation of the Danish broadcasting legislation. The RTB has the following tasks: to issue licenses to private national and local broadcasters; to monitor whether private and public broadcasters are fulfilling their legal obligations; and to administer the grants for non-commercial local radio and television.

The RTB consists of eight members that together represent expertise in legal, financial/administrative, business and media/cultural affairs. The Minister for Culture appoints the members for four years. Reappointments are possible. The decisions of the RTB can not be appealed to the Ministry.

The Danish Agency for Culture, Center for Libraries and Media, Radio and TV-unit handles the daily operations of Radio and Television Board.

Danish Agency for Culture
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2, DK-1553 Copenhagen V
Tel: +45 3373 3373
Email: post@kulturstyrelsen.dk

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