Cyprus: Regulatory Authorities

Cyprus Media Complaints Commission

The Cyprus Media Complaints Commission is an independent press council, responsible for the self-regulation of the news media, both written and electronic. It is entirely free from government interference or judicial supervision, ensuring that through self-regulation freedom of the press is maintained, standards of conduct are raised and the members of the public are given the opportunity to lodge their grievances against the media when they feel they have been offended. The Cyprus Media Complaints Commission was established in May, 1997 by the Association of Newspapers and Periodicals Publishers, the owners of private Electronic Media and the Cyprus Union o Journalists. The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, a self-governing organization operating under public law, acceded to the regulations governing the operation of the CMCC and the Code of Media Ethics six months later.

Its motto is: For the truth, correct informing and the rights of the citizen and the journalist.

Cyprus Media Complaints Commission
12, RIK Avenue, 2120, Aglantzia, Nicosia, CYPRUS
P.O.Box 27858 2433 Nicosia
Tel: 357 22427717
FAX: 357 22427747
E-mail: deontologia@cytanet.com.cy


The Cyprus Radio Television Authority

The Cyprus Radio Television Authority is a regulatory body with wide powers and responsibilities which allow it to be independent in order to regulate and control radio-television matters in an effective manner. Regulating the Broadcasting sector aims at safeguarding the public interest by protecting fundamental rights and democratic principles, such as the right to a) freedom of expression, b) to free and pluralistic information and c) to transparency in the ownership of broadcasting bodies.

The Cyprus Radio Television Authority was established by the Radio and Television Stations Law, Law 7(I) of 1998. The specific Law regulates matters such as the establishment, installation and operation of private radio and television bodies in Cyprus. The establishment of the Cyprus Radio Television Authority and the safeguard of its independence are some of the more significant innovations introduced by the Law.

The Authority comprises the Executive Chairman, the Vice Chairman and five members, who are appointed for a term of six years by the Council of Ministers.

The Authority maintains close relations and cooperates with foreign organisations with a view to closely observing international developments in the field of radio and television. It is a member of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities and of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA).

The Cyprus Radio Television Authority
42, Athalassas Avenue, 2012 Nicosia, Cyprus
PO Box:.23377, 1682 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +357 22512468
Fax: +357 22512473
Email: crtauthority@crta.org.cy

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